Changes in Find-a-Drug software 1.30a

This document was last updated on 3 May 2005 9:00 (GMT).


A local copy is now used on networked nodes under Windows which starts the central copy once this node is accessible (or times out after 15 minutes).


THINK client

In mixed Linux/Windows installations, THINK no longer writes directly to the queue. Instead data is written to a temporary file which server then reads and writes to the queue. This should avoid some obscure queue errors.

Under certain circumstances such as a system failure, the results file and the progress file could be out of synchronisation. When THINK restarts it now checks that the files are compatible and if not restarts from after the last recorded hit. This should reduce or eliminate jobs being rejected because the results file is missing data.

Some internal and algorithmic changes have also been made.

Job queue server

The output from "Client Info" has been extended to include the CPU rating and CPU time (this requires KDFOLD=YES to be present in think.env). This uses data from files named computer.tip which replace pcname.nnn previously written.

Under Linux, "file not found" messages no longer occur during initial startup of the software.

Automatic Upgrade

This upgrade should proceed automatically and take about 2 minutes.

Outstanding problems

fadsetup.scr can crash THINK
Under Windows XP when FaDsetup is configured as the screensaver, it often causes THINK to crash when it starts.
Linux messages
Under Linux there are no messages written to the screen during an upgrade (although there are to server.log and loader.log). This can cause confusion.