Changes in Find-a-Drug software 1.25c

This document was last updated on 5 October 2004 11:30 (GMT+1).


No changes.


Improved automatic choice of CGI server and support for a new project has been added.

THINK client

1.25c has a small change to the rating calculation has been made which should remove some anomalies. In addition, the Linux ratings have been restored to 1.25a values.

1.25b uses a new version of the Lahey FORTRAN compiler under Linux which should fix an obscure bug in the rating calculation.

The rating calculation has been capped and some additional changes made which may result in fewer spurious ratings (1.25a).

Under Linux writing to disk is flushed prior to files being closed in 1.25a and improved in 1.25b.

Changes have been made to the hit refinement algorithm. In test jobs these typically gave more hits often in less time! The additional hits usually have poor scores. In future queries we may increase the hit threshold to eliminate such hits (1.25a).

Some minor bug fixes have been made (1.25b).

Job queue server

Under Linux writing to disk is flushed prior to files being closed (1.25a).

Some minor bug fixes have been made (1.25b).

Automatic Upgrade

This upgrade should proceed automatically and take about 2 minutes.

Outstanding problems

fadsetup.scr can crash THINK
Under Windows XP when FaDsetup is configured as the screensaver, it often causes THINK to crash when it starts.
Linux messages
Under Linux there are no messages written to the screen during an upgrade (although there are to server.log and loader.log). This can cause confusion. We have had a report that messages to computer.tlg are written twice!